Are you bored of your life? Did you always imagine that it would be a lot more fun? Are you tired of not being able to twerk on the job? Well, worry not: there’s hope. You can always become a video girl/boy!

Diplo is currently holding—if you will—Vine auditions for the video that will ultimately accompany his Missy Elliott flip/GTA collaboration, “Boy Oh Boy.” All you have to do is hashtag #boyohboy with your Vine, and Diplo will sift through the submissions and a few to create the set of visuals. Note that they specifically request those who are interested to “think outside the twerk.” But judging by the recent submissions, Diplo fans (perhaps unsurprisingly) just can’t seem to get away from the ass-shaking phenomenon.

Read up on the details here, and check out some of the submissions below.