In a chat that took place on the Third Man Records website, Jack White confirmed that he’s “producing two albums this month, and finishing them” and adds, “one of them is mine.” In addition to the solo album, White will continue releasing singles with The Dead Weather until the 2015 release of their album.

Okay, so we’re getting a Jack White solo album, which is great, but can we talk about something else for a second? Jack White is doing live internet chats now?

Yes, he is. It’s surprising since White isn’t much of a social media guy, but if you want to chat with him you can. All you need to do is go to thirdmanstore.com and get a Third Man Records Vault Platinum Subscription. It includes live streams, exclusive pictures, and “access to chat room including live chats with Jack White and Third Man employees.” The subscription costs $60 quarterly.¬†More info on that¬†here.


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