Toward the end of December in a live sit-down interview with Miss Info, Pusha T announced that beginning January 2 he would enter a Miami studio for 20 days with Pharrell and Chad Hugo of producing duo the Neptunes to record his upcoming album King Push. And he made good on that promise, sharing pictures last week of the three posted up in the lab. But it seems Push has something far bigger up his sleeve.

Last night, the rapper took to Facebook to confirm a story first reported by his colleague Karen Civil that he is indeed also in the studio with the Neptunes to make a new Clipse album simply saying, “Clipse working on new album” and re-sharing the original report.

It’s been five years since brothers Pusha T and No Malice last put out an album—2009’s Til the Casket Drops—before going on an indefinite hiatus to work on solo projects. And though the two eventually stuck to their word and delivered music separately, fans always clamored for a reunion album. Their upcoming album described vaguely as an “untitled independent project” will be their fourth, sticking to their roots with longtime producers the Neptunes for what is sure to be one to watch this year.

Be on the lookout for more details to come.


UPDATE: Well, this is disappointing. According to MissInfo, Pusha T recently sat down with DJ Heat and cleared the air; that is, the Clipse will not be reuniting, or putting forth a new album. This is not to say that they’re not “working,” whatever that might mean.

I never leaked anything about the Clipse. I didn’t do that. All I did was tell everybody I was in the studio for 20 days with Pharrell and Chad. And then there was a leak that happened and other people just found out that other people were down. But I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t do that. So, right now I’m on my Pusha T right now. I don’t wanna mislead nobody, BUT… we just working.

No Malice also suggested that Clipse’s music is no longer “the kind of music I’m doing.” Considering that Outkast is reuniting, having Clipse reunite as well was simply too good to be true.