Despite not actually being a super hero, Cam’ron really seems to love capes right now. In fact, he’s so infatuated with his new favourite accessory that he’s collaborating with fashion designer Mark McNairy to create his very own line of capes. He quietly announced his “Capeline” through the Instagram picture below, alongside his usual copious hashtags, one of which was “#HateNowCapeLater,” which we sincerely hope will be the name of the brand.

It might not be as radical as a pink fur coat, but it’s equally as ridiculous (and awesome); hopefully we’ll see a combination of the two somewhere down the line.

Regardless of whether you’ll eventually be able to buy one of these capes, you can at the very least listen to his recently released track with A-Trak below. Look for the duo’s upcoming EPĀ Federal ReserveĀ this spring.