Radiohead has just released a strange and mysterious new app called PolyFauna, inspired by the music from the band’s most recent album, King of Limbs. Created in collaboration with Universal Everything, the app is seemingly aimless, an assumption corroborated by Thom Yorke’s unmistakably Yorkian instructions for the program, which tell the user that, “Your screen is the window into an evolving world. Move around to look around. You can follow red dot. You can wear headphones.”

Oh, can we?  Compared to most other apps, Yorke’s tone is interesting in that it appears to give users a choice about the purpose of the program. Where other developers would have no problem telling you precisely what you should do, Yorke is content with just laying out a guideline for us.

The app mirrors Yorke’s breezy suggestions, as it allows you to travel around at your will and create organisms and objects with just a swipe of your finger. Soundtracked by “Bloom,” PolyFauna is a docile, unintrusive experience that allows you to make of it what you will. Who knows? It could be your new favorite stress reliever.

PolyFauna is available as a free download for both iOS and Android phones.

(Dead Air Space)