In his Twitter bio, Australian producer DCUP provides a succinct description of his worldview that seems to understate the matter a bit: “I tend to wanna make people dance.”

While disco’s glistening handprints were all over dance music and pop in the past year, little (outside of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories) properly captured the long dormant genre’s funk-soul roots and tendency towards glorious excess. DCUP’s new single “Someone Told Me” comes equipped for those wishing to be whisked away to Studio 54, its chunky four-on-the-floor beat providing danceable bedrock for a funky R&B-tinged melody (and an excellent Isley Brothers-esque guitar solo that starts to burn at the two minute mark).

If it’s dancing DCUP wants, it’s dancing he’ll get–particularly in the sultry, psychedelic one woman show that makes up the video for “Someone Told Me.” Watch above.