Los Angeles four piece Harriet makes the sort of music you might imagine popping up in a dark indie comedy or some sort of depraved drama: Drawing from classic acts (they cite Tom Waits, Wilco, Nirvana, and Fleetwood Mac as influences, alongside less expected points of inspiration The Weeknd and Robyn) and a sense of Americana cut with the alluring vice of the seedy underbelly captured perfectly in the video for new single “Burbank.” Exceptionally cinematic (with enough atmosphere and absurd turns to make it feel like a hybrid child of Quentin Tarantino and Nicolas Winding Refn), the visual treatment feels like the sort that becomes inextricably linked with the song, lurid, memorably bizarre, and perfectly complementary to Harriet’s pretty, loping, saracasm-tinged rock.

Watch “Burbank” below.