Sivu first won our hearts with “Better Man Than Me” a little over a year ago, and he’s been churning out a steady stream of great material ever since.

The young English upstart continues to impress with a new video for “Can’t Stop Now,” which features, among other things, an excellent green suit and bodybuilders with snare drums. Sivu filmed the video in L.A., and it features a bevy of bright, flashing visuals that warp and melt the screen. This is an artist grappling with the vise grip of budding stardom, admitting in the song, “I don’t know myself anymore / somewhere out there we lost ourselves / can’t stop until we know for sure.”

But the music hasn’t suffered in the least, and there’s a playful element here that’s totally infectious: a Brit staring bug-eyed at the bloated smiles and bulging muscles of Los Angeles.