I’m an emoji addict. For every line of actual text I write, I probably send two texts of just pure emojis. I tell my friends all the time I don’t know how I corresponded without these little guys. Especially when you spend all day writing words, sometimes when your friend asks you, “How was your day?” honestly you’re worded-out. Thank God now I can just send the emoji face with little zzz’s to express how tired I am.

Luckily it seems I’m not alone in my emoji love because video producer Zach Hill has started creating music videos for popular songs with emojis. First he took on BeyoncĂ©’s “Drunk in Love” and today we get Mastermind standout “Sanctified.” Hill masterfully matches Rick Ross, Big Sean, and Kayne West’s verses with corresponding emojis, even keeping up with Ye’s incredible flow. Also shoutout to the prominence of the eggplant emoji, that one never gets any love. SMH.