In an interview with Self-Titled, producer and Yeezus collaborator Evian Christ gave some details on what it’s like to work with Kanye West.

“Kanye is the one dude who’s like, ‘This is not experimental enough. This is too poppy. Make something else.’ The other guys are like, ‘We don’t get it.’ Kanye is a dream to work with. No one else gives you that level of creative freedom. When he wants you to work to a blueprint, the blueprint is: ‘Don’t make a rap beat. Anything but a rap beat.’”

He also shared that he’s working on the next Kanye album and revealed one specific detail about a beat that may or may not end up on the project:

“I’ve got to get home and write an Otis Redding–style beat for him. He e-mailed last night. He wants something that sounds a bit like Otis Redding, a bit like Mobb Deep.”

But before you read into it too much, keep in mind:

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