With the numbers now in, Record Store Day 2014 can officially be declared a success, as indie record stores are reporting huge increases in sales for this past weekend. How exactly do we know this? For the first time ever, the day’s sales totals have been compiled, as BuzzAngle Music has produced a detailed write-up of the statistics, confirming that the vinyl holiday should become a regular tradition for all music aficionados and purveyors.

According to the numbers, records stores saw their sales increase by 646 percent on April 19 compared to the previous Saturday, April 12. For the industry as a whole, vinyl sales jumped up by 1855 percent from the previous week, while indie record stores saw that same category jump up by 2042 percent. It’s hard not to be impressed with those figures.

Additionally, BuzzAngle Music provided a list of the top-selling vinyl albums and singles for the day. Atop the albums list is Tame Impala’s Live, while Nirvana’s “Pennyroyal Tea/I Hate Myself And Want to Die” was the most-bought single. You can see the entire list over at BuzzAngle Music

Record Store Day has endured its fair share of criticism from fans, artists, and journalists alike nearly since its inception. However, with some hard data now on its side, it’s likely safe to say that the event will live to see another day.