If hip hop in 2014 has been defined by anything so far, it’s probably an increased emphasis on embracing more goofy and eccentric elements. With a lot of rappers realizing that weirder refrains are sought after, it’s become commonplace for them to sound as if they’re recording on a rollercoaster. Allan Kingdom realizes that a unique refrain is important, but thankfully goes in a subtly kooky direction instead. Playful, yet channeling audacious swagger, the Plain Pat-produced “Evergreens” is a brilliant introduction to Allan’s obtuse world.

Acting as a preview for his upcoming Future Memoirs EP, the Ben Hughes-directed clip follows Allan around Minneapolis, showing off a few fly dance moves along the way. Keep an eye out for a Spooky Black cameo, whom Allan has a collaborative project with alongside Bobby Raps and Psymun.

Watch the video for “Evergreens” above, and listen to “Decisions,” a track from his collaborative project The Standard, below.