Back in the “Mad Men” era, print ads with bright, colorful pictures and catchy, clever slogans were the backbone of any successful product launch. Though the means of attracting buyers has greatly changed in the years between then and now, one French artist has taken it upon himself to explore what those vintage advertisements would look like if infused with aspects of today’s pop culture. The result is this Tumblr, full of David Redon’s remade designs now featuring the likes of Kanye, Pharrell, Outkast, Nirvana, Amy Winehouse and Beyoncé (to name a few), with their song titles cleverly used as the slogans. In an interview with AdWeek’s AdFreak, Redon said:

I like the shift between vintage and modern pop culture, because these days the border between art and commercial is very small, and artists work their images like brands do. I started working on this project last summer, but it started to buzz maybe two months ago. It takes me one or two hours to create an ad. I search for the ads I like and then retouch in the artists and sometimes modify the layout, create a logo, etc.

Check out some his designs below, the full gallery here, and his other work here.