Image via NYC Prowler

Image via NYC Prowler

In a recent interview with theĀ Daily Record, Nine Inch Nails brain trust Trent Reznor did not spare the razor’s edge when discussing the state of rock music today. Reznor was characteristically blunt in his assessment of today’s up-and-coming talent, calling many bands “cowardly,” and advising them to express themselves and “break the rules.”

He also added that many new groups only seem concerned with receiving good press from “hip blogs.” In full, Reznor stated:

When you see a lot more excitement generated from the dance tent, I do think a staleness has permeated [rock music]. A pretty conservative nature has crept into music, and I don’t mean sonically…I get the sense that a lot of bands today are designing themselves to get a good review in the hip blogs, and that is probably the safest and most cowardly thing you can do as an artist. If you have something to say, then say it. Express yourself and break the rules.

Shots. Fired. One has to wonder what artists like St. Vincent or Jack White or David Longstreth would have to say about Reznor’s opinions. But regardless of who Reznor is specifically referring to, hopefully the music itself is what will offer the ultimate rebuttal.