Sye Elaine Spence’s music is an escape. Much of her Bloom EP was written on a horse farm, and its simple beauty reflects that. Not like you listen and think, “Oh, this was probably written on a horse farm.” But when you find out that it was written on a horse farm, you might be like, “Oh yeah, of course this was written on a horse farm.”

On the video for the title track off her new EP, Sye explains:

This video was produced by myself and Antonio Lewis. There is not an actual director since we did not shoot the video ourselves. It is a vintage home movie recorded in the 1960s. The reason I chose this particular visual is because it was reminiscent of the journeying happening in my life at this particular time.

With tiny dancer in the womb, I was entering my very own dance with the unknown. I had no concept of ‘trusting the journey’ before that point and then all of a sudden something so beautiful shakes up all I thought I knew to remind me I knew nothing at all. So that circling car was me and my heart’s longing desire to get to where I needed to be, for her.

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