For those of us still feeling a little sore about Das Racist’s anticlimactic break-up, any information regarding the split still stings a little. Dapwell, the group’s hype man and self-proclaimed roadie, has shared some more information on what led to the group’s demise. For the most part, it seems that Das Racist’s move away from a fascination with “real hip-hop” over cruddy boom-bap instrumentals was what drove a lot of people away, while Dapwell also highlights the group’s ethnicity as a major factor for them not being taken seriously.

When it came down to it, Das Racist were celebrating hip-hop more than making fun of it. Relax was a record that was ahead of its time, progressive in a sense. It had Danny Brown on it before anyone knew the guy, and it also had some of the most forward thinking lyricism and production of its year, yet it was hard for most to look past their humor. If Heems’ verse on the opening track of Relax isn’t one of the best verses of 2010, then I don’t know what is.  Now that we’re in an age where all types of hip-hop are becoming more and more widely accepted, it feels prime-time for the trio to return, without a “corny” press picture or not.

We miss you, Das Racist.