This is a response to an article we recently published called I’m Quitting Rap. For this to make sense, read that first.

By John Walaszek

As of today, I’m quitting my job. Yes, I am quitting my job. The reason is that it’s not fun and I don’t like it, and that’s the truth. A year ago, I got the job and thought that I would be able to climb the ladder and take over because I’m trill. I thought that I would be able to come in at noon, and take Fridays off whenever I wanted, and make so much fucking money. All the money. But this is all just a facade. I came to the realization that work is for workers, not people like myself.

I’m just a guy trying to build myself from the ground up, but with as little building as possible, because that’s hard. What I’m trying to say is that I’m just a guy that wants to be at the top right now. I’m just a 24-year-old white guy from Chicago with aspirations. My parents taught my at a young age that you can’t accomplish anything without working for it. But instead of that, I’ma just do me. Steve Jobs was my inspiration to start working. But unlike some workers, I have a plan B. I eventually want to become a rapper and move up in the music industry by starting my own record label, and dropping fire-shit on everyone. Sitting here waiting for my lunch break isn’t going to help me reach my goals.

It’s depressing when you do an entire report and only one boss tells you, ‘Good job.’ That sucks.

At the end of last month, I made a report that gained the attention of some pretty big people at my company. Once that happened, I thought that I would get a $20,000 raise. Yes, I’m fully aware that 20 other people do the same reports and often receive praise as well, but it’s depressing when you do an entire report and only one boss tells you, “Good job.” That sucks.

I am tired of replying to emails on my 32GB iPhone 5s in my own living room, while watching GoT on my crystal clear, Samsung 40″ class LED television. You’re probably going to say, “If you don’t want to email from your phone, why don’t you get a computer?” I used to email from my MacBook air, but that got me nowhere because I would end up on Deadspin or Porn Hub. I have Snapchat and Instagram and Twitter on my phone, and seeing how much money these guys made off those apps just makes me strive for more. I want that Facebook money. Zuck bucks. I mean, now in the internet era, anyone can make a garbage app and get millions. Just look at Flappy Bird. (No disrespect to the creator, but wouldn’t life be easier if I just made apps with that little effort?) I want so much money, and I want it all right now. Money over everything.

Therefore if I can’t get everything I want right now from my job, I would rather quit. I would rather just give up on my dream of working and become a rapper instead.

I just dropped a report entitled “June Sales Summary” that I spent over three hours on. The report originally had six bar graphs and pie charts in it. It was an Excel spreadsheet with a PowerPoint look. After a lot of thought, I decided to only keep two of the pie charts in the report. Then one of the pie charts didn’t print in color, and you couldn’t really differentiate the slices because the gray scale was a little blurry and the printer was low on ink. Then, my boss didn’t even like it. WTF? That is why I have reached out to pigeonsandplanes.com. It seems like people don’t support me unless I’m on blogs.

The only advice I can give to people in my shoes is to quit if things are hard, and pursue something else.

So as for me quitting my job, I truly have decided to quit. Well maybe I’ll stay if they give me a promotion or raise. I mean, I’ll definitely quit like, next week or something. I’m so serious, guys. I have no more motivation because I’m only making 70k, two years out of college, when the Snapchat guys are making billions. Literally. Billions. This has completely turned me off to the idea of working at a job. I decided I’m just going to focus on my rap career, and try and become something in the world other than a mindless suit. Rapping looks so much more fun than working, so why would I continue to work? The only advice I can give to people in my shoes is to quit if things are hard, and pursue something else. As for me, I am hanging up this button-down.

If there are any companies or anyone who wants to hire me or help me out in Chicago, please hit me on Twitter (@JWalaszek) and email (johncwalaszek@gmail.com).