Connor Redwood has been at it for a minute. His avant-garde approach to music has garnered him a lot of much-deserved buzz with industry giants. Rick Rubin has said, “Connor Redwood will change music. He already has changed music, you just don’t realize it’s him.”

Born in a small barn in upstate New York, Redwood has been honing his skills since the tender age of five. He saw a friend down the street and called out to him, utilizing his vocal chords in a way he never had before and unintentionally creating a beautiful flourish of sound. It was the beginning of what will undoubtedly be an amazing legacy.

It’s hard to choose a favorite track off Redwood’s upcoming debut album. The production behind the project is, in a word, massive. Rick Rubin. Pharrell. Jamie xx. Questlove. Harvey Weinstein produced a track, and he doesn’t even produce music. Check out the video above and get to know the inevitable winner of next year’s Best New Artist Grammy.