2004 was a weird time. We were still using T9 word to text our friends on our Motorola Razr. No one was trying to keep up with the Kardashians. I had to wear a retainer all year but it didn’t fit properly so sometimes it just fell out by itself. Despite this, there was one thing 2004 was good for: music. On June 29, 2004, Lil Wayne introduced us to what would become a career-spanning┬áseries with the release of Tha Carter. In honor of it coming out 10 years ago, we took a look back at what the world was like when the album first came out.


Mark Zuckerberg introduced us to the biggest Internet black hole: Facebook

Without Facebook, how we ever know that the one guy we had biology with in high school now has two kids and loves to listen to Imagine Dragons on Spotify?


We were just beginning to get over “Nipplegate”

But to be honest, we’ll never fully get over Nipplegate.


Usher basically owned the Billboard Hot 100

Admit it. You owned Confessions and you sang the fuck out of “Burn” whenever it came on the radio. It’s okay. We all did.

Modest Mouse’s “Float On” was everywhere.

When this song came out, people went nuts. It was on every mix CD you made, every TV show you watched, and every commercial you saw. Now, when you hear “Float On,” it’s probably on an alternative rock station and you’re probably in a dentist’s chair waiting to get a cavity filled.


We were all personally victimized by Regina George

Oh my God, Karen, you can’t just ask people why they’re white.


Outkast won the Grammy for Album of the Year for Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

And Andre 3000 stunted on literally every other human being ever with the above outfit.


Martha Stewart went to jail

The original Orange Is The New Black character.


Britney got married twice and we could do nothing to stop her

To be fair though, this wasn’t nearly as bad as Britney’s whole 2007.


We’d only been listening to College Dropout for a few months

We were lost but we were starting to be found.

But most of all, William Hung was a thing that we let happen and we can never take it back.

She bangs.