It feels like there’s something new developing in modern music—a sweet spot between radio-friendly pop anthems and the aesthetic that has brought new meaning to the word “indie.” This is where MOXIE’s “Buffalo Bill” lives. It’s a feel-good pop hit that flaunts a huge chorus and polished production without feeling mechanical. Watch the video for the track above, and buy it here.

“Making the video for Buffalo Bill was really about capturing a feeling,” MOXIE says. “That’s the essence of the song after all—the perfect high. For me, that’s not a drug per se, but living life with the people I love, getting wasted, seeing art, playing music, loving hard, being free. We decided to shoot the whole video on an iPhone because that is what we would do on a regular day and my goal was to capture our real moments. We passed the phone around so the video is shot from everyone’s view at least for a moment. It’s raw but it’s real and I hope it just makes you feel excited to be alive.”