When “Hookah” first dropped back in March, it was a pretty hard song to ignore. Tyga put in two solid verses, and New Atlanta‘s Young Thug supplied the catchy hook along with a verse of his own. Today the video premiered and as you would expect, there’s a bunch of hookah, a bunch of girls, and a bunch of girls smoking hookah, but what really stands out is the exotic setting that they’re rapping in.

Surrounded by a waterfall, rich foliage, and intricate decoration, Tyga and Thugger’s visuals certainly entertain the eye. That’s without even mentioning the startling range of animals that make cameos in the video: a tiger, an elephant, and a monkey—which spends a good amount of time on Tyga’s back—to name a few. See the spectacle above for yourself. We also included a picture of Tyga with a monkey on his back below for your perusal.