Grimes’ new song “Go” is a big change of pace from 2012’s Visions. In the past, Grimes has mentioned making more experimental music, but “Go” leans toward a more accessible approach, with current trap and dubstep sounds as the backdrop and a more polished sound than we’re used to from the producer/singer. It makes sense given the song was originally written for Rihanna, and even more sense once we learn that Grimes had radio in mind when she made it. After a fan tweeted at her,¬†Grimes took to social media to give a little more insight into the new track. First, on Twitter:

From Tumblr:

i guess i get pretty obtuse lyrically sorry if its like unclear in the song haha, but i guess i wanted ppl to be able to interpret it as being about love as well in case it had to be radio-friendly

i dunno if that last sentence is grammatically correct lol its def a run on sentence – this is y twitter is useful it forces u to be brief my explanation of my explanation is longer than my explanation