When “We Have It All” surfaced online this past February, fans of Pim Stones welcomed back a man who had seemingly disappeared. Most of his work pre-2012 work had been taken down, songs originally conceived while the Essex native was training to become a helicopter pilot. But with a new video out and an EP out June 1, we can be sure of one thing: Pim Stones is back.

The video for “We Have It All” finds Stones in a submarine, fascinated with an amorphous black matter that appears sporadically at his porthole. Of its origins, Stones says the black matter is “something powerful that has the potential to be either constructive or destructive – like music, or media, or technology, or a Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain blueberry cereal bar.”

The video was shot off the coast of Stockholm and directed by Oskar Wrangö. “I wanted the video to feel like it was an excerpt from a larger story or film,” Stones wrote, “the narrative beginning and end of which need not necessarily be explained.” The singer lists film composer Hans Zimmer as an inspiration, and the residual effect comes through in both video and song. But with a flair for the dramatic and orchestral (and a voice to match), Stones will likely be hearing comparisons to Woodkid more often than Zimmer.