Remember back in March, when RZA announced that Wu-Tang Clan would only be making one copy of their new album? And that the new album, titled Once Upon A Time in Shaolin… would be going on a museum tour before putting it up for auction?

You’d be forgiven for forgetting—part of the album’s secrecy meant no one could listen to it, except for the eventual buyer, who has been found: according to today’s press release, a “private American collector” paid something “in the millions” to take the album home. That makes it the most expensive single album ever purchased, surpassing Jack White’s acetate Elvis purchased earlier this year.

The press release describes Once Upon A Time in Shaolin… as “a retrospective soundscape that threads 31 songs, skits, and stories into a 128-minute-long aural screenplay.”

The buyer will receive the album, as well as “the hand-carved nickel silver box designed by Yahya, a gold-leafed certificate of authenticity and a leather-bound book containing the album’s lyrics and stories behind each song, [and] an addition that had not been previously announced: a pair of customized PMC MB2-XBD speakers worth $55,000, included after consultation with PMC.”

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