Image via TV Guide

Image via TV Guide

In mid-October of 2015, we shared everything we knew about Donald Glover’s upcoming television show Atlanta. There’s still some mystery, but the highly anticipated show screened at the Television Critics Association Convention, and we’ve now got some early reactions from people who have actually seen it.

After the screening, Donald Glover—who wrote the show and stars in it as aspiring rapper Earnest “Earn” Marks—spoke on a panel, giving some insight into what he was trying to accomplish and how it was done. A standout quote from the panel: “I just always wanted to make Twin Peaks with rappers.”

According to Mashable, Glover spoke to reporters after the panel. “I feel like the important thing with this show is to make it personal,” he said. “I’m not an optimistic guy. I feel like you watch Master of None and it’s a very optimistic look at millennialism, [but] I’m pessimistic about it. I feel like we kind of fucked up.”

Donald Glover’s Atlanta is expected to premiere this summer on FX. See some of the early reactions below.