Vince Staples really loves Royals Hot Chicken. After visiting the small Louisville restaurant while on tour with Bryson Tiller, Staples did what any self-respecting individual should do after an enjoyable culinary experience: give the restaurant props on Yelp.

“If you love your life and you love freedom then you must visit,” Staples wrote. “The Civil War wasn’t won for you to remain ignorant.”

As an added bonus, the 22-year-old rapper let us in on his cheese preferences, writing, “A man like me needs Pimento cheese on the medium please and don’t you dare hold that grease. This is America. Home of the brave and land of the free.”

After the review started making its rounds on social media, Staples had to delete his Yelp account when the email linked to his profile got flooded with “SoundCloud links and shit.” Fortunately, screenshots of the Yelp page ensure his hilarious review will live on forever. Read it below.

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