On top of his duties managing high profile artists like Justin Bieber and running his SB Projects media company, Scooter Braun picked up another client this year: Kanye West. Having been friends for years, the two linked up in early 2016 and Braun began co-managing Kanye.

In a sit-down interview with Charlie Rose this week, Braun described how his career began, what it’s been like managing Justin Bieber, then at the 14:27 mark, he explains what it’s been like managing Kanye over the last few months.

“I hope the world gets to see the guy that I’ve gotten to know,” he says. “A lot of people have an assumption that he might be selfish or arrogant. The guy who I’ve gotten to know—who I am learning to translate to others—is someone who literally got himself in financial trouble because he would give the shirt off his back to help someone.”

He goes on to talk about Kanye’s nature as a misunderstood artist and the problems that’s caused him.

“I can understand Kanye to a certain point. I think Kanye can only truly understand Kanye.”

“I think everything is art,” he continues. “People say everything he’s doing is distracting from his music. Well, if you walk up to a masterpiece and you see one stroke, you might say ‘why are all these other strokes around? I love this stroke.’ But if you take a few steps back, you’ll see the whole picture. And I think with Kanye it’s about taking a couple steps back and seeing the whole landscape that makes him so brilliant at what he does.”

Finally, he takes a moment to refute the notion that Kanye is an artist unwilling to listen to the ideas of those around him.

“I am blatantly honest and I’ve told him, ‘You might not like all of my ideas, but you’re going to hear them, because otherwise I can’t be honest with you.’ And I can tell you, he’s not someone who doesn’t listen. He’s a great listener. There are very special people and he’s one of them.”

Watch the interview above and revisit Kanye’s classic 2005 sit-down with Rose below.