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Saul Williams is Starring in the Tupac Shakur-Inspired Broadway Musical

When it was revealed that a musical featuring the music of Tupac Shakur was going to hit Broadway, the first question was obvious: Who would play Tupac? The answer is nobody. According to The New York... Read more »

What Do You Think Is The Most Profane Rap Album?

Swearing and profanity have been inextricable parts of rap for decades now. As gangsta rap rose in the early ’90s, a whole new section of hip-hop emerged centered on unfiltered lyricism and hard-hitting realities. In partnership... Read more »

Tupac was Asked to Audition For the Role of a Jedi Master in “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace”

Well, this is weird, but in the way that melon and prosciutto is weird, or when you used to let school glue dry on your hands so you could pick it off weird. According to the... Read more »

Listen to a Mixtape of Tupac Interviews and Get Inspired

Whether or not you grew up with Tupac, New Orleans-based producer CrackTracks’ latest instrumental project is a great source of inspiration. Borrowing audio clips from select Tupac interviews, wherein the rapper discussed everything from music to... Read more »

Watch an Animated 2Pac Discuss Thug Life, Death, and the Media in a Lost Interview

Long before Kanye West ever sat at a microphone on satellite radio and proclaimed: “I am Shakespeare” and other outlandish things, 2Pac made a similar comparison back in 1994 saying, “I feel like a tragic hero in... Read more »

Sunday Book Review: The Poetry of Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur is the closest we as a culture have come to making someone immortal through posthumous art. We’ve sprayed lighter fluid on the fire of his memory so many times it’s become a running joke... Read more »

Who Should Play Tupac in Upcoming Tupac Movie? Here are Some Ridiculous and Senseless Suggestions

As soon as the news broke earlier today that the Tupac movie was back on track, with the rapper’s mother, Afeni Shakur, on board, and a budget of around $45 billion to back it, most people’s... Read more »

The Power of Parenthood: Songs Written For Rappers’ Own Children

Brace yourselves: shit's about to get real sensitive. The moment that a new parent welcomes their child into the world is a very special one. Many things act as inspiration for rappers, but some of the... Read more »

Watch Miguel’s Cover of Tupac’s “I Get Around”

Before his appearance at the 2013 BET Awards Sunday night, Miguel was one of the performers at the BET Experience event Saturday. During his show, the R&B singer decided to add an interesting addition to his... Read more »

Tupac Shakur Themed Musical to Hit Broadway

Tupac Shakur‘s legacy is living on in more ways than one, and the latest piece of work inspired by the rapper/actor’s life is a musical being made for the Broadway stage. According to The Hollywood Reporter,... Read more »

I Can’t Go to Sleep: A History of Sad Rap

Last month we introduced you to Little Pain, the Brooklyn rapper at the forefront of the sad rap movement. Little Pain, along with Scandinavian teen sensation Yung Lean Doer and his Sad Boyz collective, touts a... Read more »

Footage From the Last Concerts of Dead Music Legends

It is easy to spend hours and hours watching live performance footage of music's greats, especially artists who you never had the chance to see live, and never will. Footage from the final live performances of... Read more »

10 Awesome Remixes of Hit Songs From the ’90s

The '90s brought us many things to be thankful for: Power Rangers, light-up sneakers, Friends, Furbys, Capri Suns... and the list goes on. Though there was a lot of great music that hit the airwaves from... Read more »

Should Dead Artists Have Facebook Pages?

Recently, things turned ugly on the Nina Simone Facebook page. On Saturday, January 26, a post was made on the official Nina Simone Facebook wall. It started, "Greetings Y'all, Simone here." The note went on to... Read more »

2012 Recap: The Year in Photos

After sorting through the best songs and albums of 2012 (and figuring out who to watch in 2013), take an extended trip down memory lane and enjoy a recap of 2012 in pictures.... Read more »