DMX Has A New Album On the Way Featuring Kanye West and Dr. Dre

DMX is making a comeback.... Read more »

DMX Is Freaked Out By Snapchat’s Face Swap Feature

"What happened? Why do I look... Why do you look like that?"... Read more »

DMX Reportedly Found Unconscious After Overdose

A close call for X.... Read more »

DMX Teaches a Panhandler A Lesson About Giving By Not Giving Him Five Dollars

X gon' give it to ya... unless he thinks you're being greedy.... Read more »

DMX Has a Message For the Other Earl Simmons: “Pay That Motherf***ing Money!”

A very animated DMX has some harsh words for the other Earl Simmons.... Read more »

DMX Sentenced to Six Months in Prison

On June 26, DMX was arrested just before a scheduled performance at Radio City Music Hall. The rapper owes about $400,000 in child support, and... Read more »

Great Songs From (Mostly) Horrible Movies

The late '90s represented the nadir for “black film,” but it was also, strangely, the absolute apex of the black film soundtrack. If we followed... Read more »

DMX is Releasing a New Album Next Week

Just as we publish our list of the most anticipated albums of 2015, DMX goes ahead and announces his eighth studio album. And it’s coming in... Read more »

DMX Explains What Happened on the Slingshot Ride, Redeems Himself By Going On It Again

DMX is just a man. And you know what, that slingshot ride? It looks scary. I would know, as I’m a petrified of heights. But... Read more »

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