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DMX is Releasing a New Album Next Week

Just as we publish our list of the most anticipated albums of 2015, DMX goes ahead and announces his eighth studio album. And it’s coming in a week. The title of the album is Redemption of the... Read more »

DMX Explains What Happened on the Slingshot Ride, Redeems Himself By Going On It Again

DMX is just a man. And you know what, that slingshot ride? It looks scary. I would know, as I’m a petrified of heights. But DMX is not, and that video unfairly represented him. To redeem... Read more »

“This Sh*t’s Scary”: 10 Places That Terrify DMX

In 1998, DMX released his first major-label album called, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot. Later that year, he dropped his follow-up album, titled Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood. DMX played this sort... Read more »

Watch an Amazing Video of DMX Terrified on a Slingshot Ride

Ahh, DMX. You never know when he’ll pop up in the day’s news. Maybe he’ll be riding a slingshot at an amusement park, growling and yelling in fear. Ooh, ooh, hurry up before I change my... Read more »

Paying George Zimmerman to Fight is Terrible (But People Still Want to See Him Knocked Out by DMX)

As TMZ first reported, promoter Damon Feldman is attempting to set up a three-round boxing match between George Zimmerman and DMX. The 43-year-old rapper said he will “beat the living f**k out” of Zimmerman, but the match... Read more »

The Secret Life of a Video Vixen

Last month, Vibe opined that we as a society were witnessing the death of the Video Vixen. “Remember when Video Vixens dominated music television?” Yes, we sighed. No more. “What happened?” Vibe asked, answering themselves with... Read more »

Watch Dr. Phil Interview DMX

Well, this made my day. DMX went on Dr. Phil against his and gave on of the greatest interviews of all time. OF ALL TIME. Dr. Phil is a hard man to go toe-to-toe with one-on-one,... Read more »

An Interview With DMX’s Son: Xavier Simmons Opens Up

Xavier Simmons is the son of world-famous rapper DMX, but that's not why he's agreed to meet me at the Museum of Natural History on a drizzly week day. The 20-year-old lives with his mom, DMX's... Read more »

The 10 Best Rappers From Westchester County

Westchester County is the redheaded stepchild of the New York City area. It's too affluent on the whole for the worldwide ghetto pass and its high number of country clubs put some pitting on its authenticity... Read more »

Sunday Book Review: What We Learned From DMX’s Intense Autobiography

Bookstores aren’t usually the prime hangout spot for music lovers. This isn’t just because the music played in bookstores is routinely horrible, but also because many books written about music are both bone dry and feel... Read more »

Watch the Heartbreaking Episode of DMX on “Iyanla: Fix My Life”

When you saw a preview from this episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life featuring DMX, you knew it was going to be intense, but you couldn’t have anticipated this. Iyanla sets things up to get heated, and... Read more »

DMX Talks About Being Institutionalized As A Child

DMX has had a tumultuous couple of years. Despite the fact that his arrest record is less than pristine (he’s been arrested “roughly 30″ times), DMX revealed in a recent appearance on Iyanla Vazant’s talk-show that... Read more »

25 Pictures of Musicians on Horses

Inspired by DMX’s recent foray into equestrianism, we decided to find out what other musicians have dabbled in horse-related activities. Beyond the unsurprising slew of country stars, everyone from Bob Dylan to Will Smith to Miley Cyrus have saddled up for... Read more »

30 People Who Are Not Surprised That DMX Got Arrested… Again

Oh, DMX. We had such high hopes for you when you surprised us with your holiday spirit this past Christmas, singing a memorable rendition of “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer.” We thought maybe you had turned... Read more »

DMX Sings “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”

Dig if you will a picture, of DMX in a radio station. While the microphones are off and they’re getting Internets content, they think of humorous things for ‘X to do like, say, sing “Rudolph the... Read more »