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Hear Ryan Hemsworth’s “Spotless” Featuring Sasha Go Hard, Tink, and Kitty

With the release of his debut LP Guilt Trips behind him, Ryan Hemsworth has begun to stretch his wings with new collaborations. The latest is a vicious, ominous medley with verses from Chicago’s Sasha Go Hard... Read more »

Watch Mini Danny Brown Interview Kitty

Remember that adorable little kid from Danny Brown’s excellent video for “Grown Up”? Well Dante Hoagland is back and once again stealing the spotlight, as he recently interviewed Kitty (formerly known as Kitty Pryde) for Scion... Read more »

Kitty (Formerly Kitty Pryde) ft. Lakutis – “Ay Shawty”

Kitty Pryde, now just going by Kitty, may have blown up too fast, but she’s handling it well. After riding a wave of hype and getting to hang out with Danny Brown, she’s back focused on... Read more »

Video: Kitty Pryde – “Dead Island”

If you were one of the many critics of Tumblr-queen turned rapper Kitty Pryde, her latest single may make you think twice. “Dead Island” is a catchy track with a subtle, marching beat (courtesy of Major... Read more »

Stream Sufjan Stevens’ “Chopped and Scrooged,” A Christmas Rap Mixtape

It’s hard to be surprised Sufjan Stevens has more Christmas-themed music for the people after releasing a five-volume tribute to the holiday¬†(his second¬†five-volume tribute, at that). Never one to bore us by playing it safe, Stevens... Read more »

Musicians Tweeting About Hurricane Sandy

If you’re on the East Coast right now, Hurricane Sandy is all the talk. We checked Twitter to find out what Lil B, Grimes, Diplo, and Questlove had to say about the oncoming storm. If you’re... Read more »

Buzz, Backlash, Tumblr Rap, and Kitty Pryde

By Confusion Internet Hype has officially jumped the shark, and “buzz” is getting closer and closer to becoming a dirty word. Part of the problem is that things are moving too fast and too many of... Read more »

Video: Kitty Pryde – “Okay Cupid”

Kitty Pryde seems like she’s made out of internet. The young (best guess is mid-to-late teens so when I say young I mean very young) Daytona Beach rapper is making music compiled of influences that exist... Read more »