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Best Songs of the Week

With so much good music steadily coming through, it's easy to miss out on some of the best. To help prevent this, we've picked some of our favorite tracks from the week. Here are the songs... Read more »

Interview: Action Bronson Speaks on “Blue Chips 2,” Being a Father and a Great Man

By Mustafa Abubaker Coming off the release of his second album with Party Supplies, Action Bronson took some time to talk to us about Blue Chips II, being a father, and controversy in the media. So,... Read more »

Mixtape: Action Bronson & Party Supplies – “Blue Chips 2″

Following last year’s incredible Blue Chips, Action Bronson and Party Supplies’ latest project, Blue Chips 2, is finally here. Featuring fun, lively production that juxtaposes with Bronson’s signature laid-back flow, the mixtape only further reinforces the... Read more »

Action Bronson – “Practice”

Action Bronson‘s Blue Chips 2 is just four days away. The highly anticipated follow-up to last year’s Blue Chips has Bronson collaborating once again with Party Supplies, and it’s their beat that Pete Rosenberg premiered last... Read more »

Listen to Action Bronson Rap Over an Alchemist Beat Made From Old Coca-Cola Commercial Snippets

The Alchemist has collaborated with clothing designer Dr. Romanelli, whose latest collection is inspired by the Coke logo, and made a collage of beats using snippets of old Coca-Cola commercials. The whole piece is around eight minutes... Read more »

The Week on Twitter With Sky Ferreira, Wiz Khalifa, and Action Bronson

This week on Twitter, Sky Ferreira feels a lot like Drake, Wiz Khalifa is proud of the Taylors, and Action Bronson lays out some guidelines for the ladies. Here is the week on Twitter:... Read more »

Listen to Diplo’s “Revolution EP” Featuring Action Bronson, Mr. MFN Exquire, & RiFF RAFF

Diplo’s latest musical venture is the six-track Revolution EP, which includes four new tracks and two remixes. Stylistically all over the place, the first two tracks follow the party-starting, mainstream-courting style that makes Diplo one of the worlds... Read more »

Watch Action Bronson Debut Two New Songs From “Blue Chips 2″

Last night, Action Bronson and Danny Brown hit up Toronto, Ontario as a part of their 2 High 2 Die tour (and yes, Danny actually made it across the border—congratulations, Danny). During Bam Bam’s set, he... Read more »

If You Throw Something At Action Bronson, You Might Get A Time-Out

Remember when someone threw something at Kanye West during his Watch The Throne tour with Jay Z, and ‘Ye (in such typical ‘Ye fashion) lost his shit? Well, that’s one way to deal with it. If... Read more »

Watch Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, and Harry Fraud Action Figures Blow Things Up in the “Drug Lords” Video

Ignore any other music video that gets released today, because the set of visuals for Meyhem Lauren, AG Da Coroner, and Action Bronson‘s “Drug Lords,” produced by Harry Fraud, is probably better. Playing out like a... Read more »

Fat Joe ft. Action Bronson – “Your Honor” (Prod. DJ Premier)

This is Fat Joe’s song, off his upcoming The Darkside 3 mixtape, but the best thing about “Your Honor” is Action Bronson over DJ Premier production. Even after all these years, Premier still does that no-frills... Read more »

If All Else Fails: Alternative Jobs for Musicians

The P&P staff spends so much of each day thinking about music and the artists behind it that it's often hard to look beyond artistic output and think, "I wonder what these people would be like... Read more »

Action Bronson Takes Down Another Stage-Rusher

I get it. Action Bronson looks like a really chill dude who would probably be okay with you meandering up on stage while he’s performing. I mean, he hands out bags of weed sometimes, so one... Read more »

Danny Brown and Action Bronson Announce Co-Headlining “2 High 2 Die” Tour

Ready for an abundance of weed and crude as fuck rap-a-longs? Action Bronson and Danny Brown have announced a joint tour, and if the name of the tour—2 High 2 Die—is of any indication, it’ll be... Read more »

It’s True: Action Bronson Was Once In a Tampon Commercial

Add tampon commercial star to Action Bronson‘s list of accolades, as yes, he had appeared in a Kotex ad back in 2010. The premise of the commercial is a social experiment of sorts, where a woman... Read more »