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Adele Announces New Album Called “25″ and 2015 Tour

It’s kind of amazing how an artist as massively popular as Adele can disappear from headlines for so long. She sells out shows worldwide, breaks sales records, puts on stunning performances on live television, then quietly... Read more »

YouTube May Begin Pulling Videos from XL, Domino, and Others “Within Days” Due to Licensing Dispute

In only a matter of days, some of your favorite music videos from your favorite musicians may be pretty hard to find. The video sharing behemoth YouTube is currently in a major licensing dispute with many... Read more »

Adele Is Working With Phil Collins on New Music

Can you feel it coming in the air tonight? Oh Lord (sorry, sorry, sorry, it was just too easy), an Adele and Phil Collins collaboration could be pretty awesome, or it could be somewhat underwhelming, as the... Read more »

Watch Adele Recieve An MBE From Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace, Laugh Uproariously

We have a soft spot in our heart for Adele at P&P. We love her laugh (really more of a cackle), her no nonsense attitude, and her brilliantly non-PR trained acceptance speeches. Although she didn’t release an... Read more »

What Kurt Cobain, Mick Jagger, and Adele Would Sound Like if They Lost Their Bands

Apparently, there is a thing in the world that they call "isolated vocals." This is exactly what the name implies, but it's far more fascinating than you'd think. Classics sung by Freddie Mercury and John Lennon... Read more »

Adele Is Working On Her Next Album Due Out Next Year

After composing her Oscar-winning hit “Skyfall” for the James Bond film this past year, Adele is ready to get back in the studio, this time though to record material for her own record. Yes that’s right,... Read more »

Watch Adele Perform “Skyfall” at the Oscars

As expected, Adele delivered at the Oscars. It was clear that she’s been practicing some restraint, not pushing her vocals to the breaking point, but she kept it classy as always and gave a solid showing... Read more »

In Their Own Words: Adele, John Lennon, and Tyler, The Creator on Selling Out

Does anybody care about "selling out" anymore? It seems like a thing of the past, probably because we've mostly become immune to it. In hip-hop, they've found some clever ways to form corporate partnerships (sneakers, clothes,... Read more »

Watch Adele’s Acceptance Speech For Best Original Song at the Golden Globes

In case you didn’t already adore Adele, here she is accepting the award for Best Original Song at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards tonight. She refers to herself as a “new mum,” says she’s been “pissing herself... Read more »

The Laughs, Chuckles, and Cackles of 18 Musicians

One thing I realized once after watching Danny Brown's crowing laughter is that if you're ever in a bad mood, just watching other people crack up can make you feel better. It's a fun way to... Read more »

The Best Selling Albums of 2012 in the UK

Adele may have dominated the charts internationally, but in this list she was topped by newcomer Emeli Sande, whose debut album Our Version of Events was the best-selling project of 2012 in the UK. Check out the top... Read more »

Adele’s 7 Most Impressive Accomplishments of 2012

Adele had an amazing 2012, and you might not have even noticed it. She remained mostly out of the spotlight, keeping her private life private and staying mostly out of the headlines. She did manage to... Read more »

2012 Recap: The Year in Photos

After sorting through the best songs and albums of 2012 (and figuring out who to watch in 2013), take an extended trip down memory lane and enjoy a recap of 2012 in pictures.... Read more »

The Most Sung Karaoke Song of 2012 is….

It’s Adele. Of course it’s Adele. We can’t even be mad, because we love Adele. Everyone loves Adele. But fuck, her complete domination takes all the fun out of these luring headlines, no? Shout out to... Read more »

The Best Music of 2012, According to the Billboard Charts

Ah, Billboard charts. This year, Billboard compiled a pile of year-end information that offers an interesting look at what music performed well in 2012. Here's the basic idea of how they did it, along with the... Read more »