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Album: Conner Youngblood – “Sketches Pt. 2″

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Conner Youngblood follows up Sketches Pt. 1 with a second installation. We’ve heard a few of these songs, including the standouts “A Summer Song” and “The Warpath,” and he’s included those in the... Read more »

Album Stream: Aesop Rock – “Skelethon”

Aesop Rock‘s new album—his first in five years—has arrived on Rhymesayers. It’s entirely self-produced, and Aesop is confident that it’s his best album yet. He also told Rolling Stone, “I hope it sounds like five years... Read more »

Album Stream: Frank Ocean – “Channel Orange”

Coinciding with his debut TV performance, Frank Ocean released Channel Orange a week early through iTunes. Now he’s also posted a full stream of his new album on his Tumblr. Head over to Frank’s site to... Read more »

Album: Frank Ramz – “Quite Frankly”

Frank Ramz‘ Quite Frankly has finally arrived. Working with Ramz over the past few years has given me a lot of insight into what he’s all about, and one of the things that stands out most... Read more »

Free Album: Emay – “Adam”

Last month, I was talking to Emay about his upcoming project. I’m a fan of his music, but he’s never seemed to keep up with the way things happen on the internet. At least, that’s how... Read more »

Download Shadows On Stars’ Debut Album For Free

This has been a long time coming. Ever since we first heard them with the impossible-not-to-love “Now You’re Mine,” we’ve been championing Shadows On Stars as an important band to keep an eye on, even naming... Read more »

Mash-up Album: Tumblewoof – “M▲JOR”

Tumblewoof takes little snippets from songs by such artists as (deep breath) Drake, Kid Cudi, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, ACDC, the Jackson 5, Feist, and The Roots—and that’s only a fraction of the artists that he samples from... Read more »

Mash-Up Album: The Jane Doze – “Girls Talk”

Get it, Girls Talk? Because it’s a mash-up album, and also The Jane Doze is a duo of girls. Also “Doze” sounds like the plural of “doe,” like female deer, and Jane Doze’s logo is two girls... Read more »

Premiere: Francis – ‘This Must Be Blood EP’

Here at Pigeons & Planes we are indoctrinated from birth by our Great Leader to love Scandinavian bands, and in turn we try to pass this obsession on to you good people. Today, we have the... Read more »

Album Stream: Tennis – “Young & Old”

On Valentine’s Day, Tennis will release their sophomore album. The sophomore slump is hard to avoid, especially for bands that came up as quickly as Tennis, but they’ve got The Black Keys‘ Patrick Carney helping out... Read more »

Album: T.Shirt – ‘The F*ck’

T.Shirt is fired up. He’s always been one of the more intense rappers out there with a keen attention to aesthetics and a focus on word choice, but this time around he’s more heated than ever,... Read more »

Album Stream: Cloud Nothings – ‘Attack On Memory’

As great as the whole indie scene is, sometimes they get caught up with a trendy sound and beat it to death. Right now, a lot of these bands are doing what Cloud Nothings‘ lead singer... Read more »

Album Stream: First Aid Kit – ‘The Lion’s Roar’

The sisters of the Swedish indie-folk duo, First Aid Kit, are set to release The Lion’s Roar on January 24th. If you can’t wait that long to listen to it, NPR has got the thing available... Read more »

Frank Ocean Confirms Album Scheduled For Spring

Frank Ocean was recently interviewed by the BBC after coming runner-up in their Sound Of 2012 poll – voted for by 180 leading critics, bloggers (not P&P, but there’s always next year) and broadcasters. In the... Read more »

Album: Born Gold – ‘Bodysongs’

Coming up with that 25 Albums of the Year post was a bitch. The biggest reason for that was the fact that we were leaving a lot of great albums behind the scenes, and there was... Read more »