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This Is What Retroactive Product Placement Ads in Music Videos Look Like

In September, Universal Music Group announced that it would be selling retroactive product placement ads in music videos along with its partners Mirriad and Havas. Now, we can see even more examples of what they are... Read more »

Dilated Peoples ft. Aloe Blacc – “Show Me The Way”

Dilated Peoples are veterans in the game and with Rhymesayers, they’ve established themselves as an act who doesn’t need radio hits and catchy singles to stay relevant. Every now and then, though, it’s kind of great... Read more »

Watch the Video For Aloe Blacc’s Pharrell-Produced “Love is the Answer”

Aloe Blacc‘s “Love is the Answer” has a soulful bounce backed by a thick bass and peppy claps that drive Pharrell‘s production, but it’s also got a message. “The specific issue this video is related to is... Read more »

Dag Savage ft. Aloe Blacc – “When It Rains”

Play this one on a dreary rainy day and you just might feel a tear or two welling up as Johaz, one half of Dag Savage, tells us how it feels to have “a heart colder... Read more »

Exile – “Cassette”

Perfect collection for those of you who mess with Exile and want to add some rarities to your collection. Word is this free (!) release features previously-unreleased tracks, jam sessions and demos on here. Like, a... Read more »

Video! Aloe Blacc – “Loving You Is Killing Me” (Live in Studio)

Here’s an in studio performance of Aloe Blacc‘s upcoming album Good Things. You don’t get much music like this anymore. Aloe’s music comes across like that of an old soul – someone whose words have been stirring... Read more »

Video! Aloe Blacc – “Billie Jean” (Michael Jackson Cover)

Aloe Blacc’s got soul, bitches. The man behind the How To Make It In America theme song “I Need A Dollar”, Aloe pays homage to Michael on the one year anniversary of the legend’s death. Saw... Read more »

Video! Aloe Blacc – "I Need A Dollar"

Now Aloe Blacc’s “I Need A Dollar”, the beloved theme song from HBO’s How To Make It In America, has a video. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this song. It is going to be... Read more »

Aloe Blacc – "I Need A Dollar"

Ever since How To Make it in America started, I’ve been getting requests for this steadily on a weekly basis (It’s the song played at the beginning). I posted a remix last night, and this is... Read more »

Loose Ends and Leftovers

Indicated by the sand in between my toes, I haven’t been around the computer a lot lately. I’ve been trying to stay busy frolicking in Florida and keeping my mind off of “life”. Here are some... Read more »