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Video: Amanda Palmer – “Do It With A Rockstar”

Amanda Palmer, who replaced Erykah Badu in The Flaming Lips‘ NSFW video for “The First Time I Saw Your Face,” has collaborated again with Wayne Coyne, who co-directed her video for “Do It With A Rockstar”. The... Read more »

10 Kickstarter Musicians Worth Investing In

Kickstarter is a self-described funding platform for creative projects. It is a place for musicians, artists, designers, and basically any creative individual or group to get funding for their passion projects. The creators of each project... Read more »

Video: Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra – “Polly” (Nirvana Cover)

If you thought Nirvana‘s “Polly” was about a bird, this video is not going to make much sense to you. But “Polly” is not about a bird, it’s about the rape and torture of a teenage... Read more »

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