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Who Did it Best? 7 Takes on One Sample

There is no genre of music that embraces competition as openly as hip-hop. Diss songs, battles, and bragging rights all add an exciting element to the world of rap that doesn’t exist in other scenes. In... Read more »

Video: Nardwuar Interviews Asher Roth

Some of you don’t like Nardwuar. We understand. Whatever you think of the Human Serviette, however, it’s pretty difficult to deny that the man crafts some of the most in depth, idiosyncratic, awkward, and gratingly entertaining... Read more »

Hassani Kwess – “Kick The Bass, Chuck” (Prod. Chuck Inglish)

This Hassani Kwess cat is on the come up. Asher Roth recently featured him on the track “Pabst & Jazz” from his mixtape of the same name. Now Kwess gets the opportunity to stand alone on... Read more »

Mixtape: Asher Roth – “Pabst & Jazz”

Well, Asher finally decided to drop this mixtape for those whom he loves dearly. Download link & track listing below. Asher Roth releases his new project, Pabst & Jazz, with the majority of the production handled... Read more »

Asher Roth – “Common Knowledge”

New Ash Roth called “Common Knowledge” produced by Blended Babies. In honor of Veterans Day, Asher Roth decides to let go of this new record. “Pabst & Jazz” coming soon. Produced by Blended Babies. – X... Read more »

Pac Div ft. Asher Roth – “Useless”

Man, these 3 dudes have been on a fucking roll lately! Their upcoming The DiV EP is shaping up to be one dope project! Here’s the latest off of Pac Div’s upcoming EP featuring Asher Roth... Read more »

Gilbere Forte Ft. Asher Roth & Bun B – “Black Chukka” (Remix)

Gilbere calls upon Ash Roth & the trillest o.g. of them all, Bun B, for the remix of his “Black Chukkas” single. This beat bangs like a motherfucker!! This cut is off of Gilbere’s upcoming Some... Read more »

Asher Roth – “Ampersand”

Asher is hit or miss to me when it comes down to the music he makes. But I can’t deny the fact that dude is nice on the mic. Definitely feeling this track of his called... Read more »

Asher Roth Ft. D.A. – “Another One Down”

New shit from Ash Roth called “Another One Down” featuring D.A. of Chester French. Radio rip surfaced a while back but now we have the full cdq version. Asher Roth Ft. D.A. – “Another One Down”... Read more »

Dom Kennedy – “New Jeeps” (feat. Asher Roth & Mikey Rocks)

Dom Kennedy popped open a can of Pringles with this one. I’m talking cookies just out the oven fresh. I’m talking this track just enrolled as a FRESHman at Dope as Shit University, fresh. I’m talking... Read more »