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Azealia Banks Reacts to Katy Perry Using the Term “Trap House”

Yesterday, Top 40 dominator Katy Perry let loose a tweet to celebrate her “Dark Horse” video surpassing the billion-view mark. The feat, only achieved by a handful of other YouTube videos, is laudable, but the inclusion of... Read more »

Azealia Banks Will Star in RZA-directed Film ‘Coco’

It seems like whenever Azealia Banks is in a headline, unfortunately the topic of discussion is focused more on what she’s saying rather than what she’s doing with her talent. However, it looks like things are... Read more »

Azealia Banks and Dev Hynes Speak Out on the BET Awards

Mainstream award shows always provoke a mixed bag of reactions. Just last night, it was the Billboard Music Awards catching heat for censoring Kanye West, and today the BET Awards getting some criticism following the announcement of their... Read more »

Watch Azealia Banks’ New Interactive Video for “Wallace”

Azealia Banks has always been one to follow the beat of her own drum. She does whatever she wants, and whether you like it or understand it has never really been a concern of hers. Banks... Read more »

Azealia Banks to Erykah Badu: “you have to shave your underarms before you try and come for me”

Here we go again. After someone on Twitter asked Erykah Badu if she listens to Azealia Banks, Badu replied simply: “Tried.” Soon after Azealia caught wind, she had a few things to say. It’s not the first... Read more »

Azealia Banks to Lupe Fiasco: “You haven’t made a decent song since I was 17″

It all started with a back and forth (and then back again) between Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi. That died out pretty quickly, but what would a Twitter exchange be without a little Azealia Banks in it? Sure enough,... Read more »

Music Recommendations Based on the Artists You Already Like (September 2014)

It's 2014, and human beings are still trying to figure out how to automate music discovery. Trends come and go, new services pop up and disappear, and a music discovery app is created, marketed, and killed... Read more »

Azealia Banks Releases First New Music Since Leaving Universal, Listen to “Heavy Metal and Reflective”

  Recently, Azealia Banks has been making news for everything other than her music—she’s been beefing with people on Twitter, moaning about her record deal, and then finally getting out of it. Today, her new single, which is... Read more »

Azealia Banks Claims She’s Left Her Record Label

It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but Azealia Banks has announced via Twitter that she is leaving Interscope Records. After numerous delays, soured relationships, and beefs with pretty much everyone under the sun,... Read more »

Azealia Banks Vents on Twitter: “I’m literally begging to be dropped from Universal.”

It is no secret when Azealia Banks is feeling some type of way. For better or worse, the 22-year-old rapper speaks her mind very openly, and it’s landed her in trouble before. In April of 2013,... Read more »