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The Best EDM Of The Week

You got any plans? Need a soundtrack to get things done to? Need some tunes outside of indie rock, rap, and other assorted goods you grabbed this week Here’s the fifth edition of this series that... Read more »

Albums Of The Week: 04/10/12

Florence & The Machine – MTV Unplugged Florence’s entry into the storied MTV Unplugged series is full of lung bursting choruses and has some pretty intense, spine-tingling moments. Recorded in a converted synagogue, this performance, which... Read more »

Bassnectar ft. Lupe Fiasco – “Vava Voom”

When Lupe Fiasco went in over a Bassnectar remix for “Lightwork”, the lead single off his last mixtape Friend Of The People, fan reaction was mixed to say the least. Some loved it, some cursed, but... Read more »

Dance Music Post. 14

It’s Friday again – you’re happy, we’re happy, let’s get our dance on. Awwww yeah! Download Dance Music Post. 14 (.zip) Last week we gave you lovely people a heavy dubstep remix of The Weeknd’s “D.D.”, and... Read more »

Lupe Fiasco (ft. Ellie Goulding x Bassnectar) – “LightWork”

Lupe Fiasco is about to #OccupyYourHeadphones. Chicago’s political patriot and defender of the common man is finally back to doing what he does best, recording music. Fiasco just fired off the first leak from his previously... Read more »

Dance Music Post.

Yo. So since this isn’t really a “dance music” blog, but I know some of you guys are interested in some fr33ky ass jams so I’m just gonna throw up a couple at a time every... Read more »

Bassnectar – Wildstyle Method

This is just absurd. Bassnectar’s “Wildstyle Method” feels like something crawled up your nostril, dug it’s way into your skull, and started to rapidly expand. Eghck. It’s got the wobble of dubstep, a hip-hop demeanor, and... Read more »