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Blitzen Trapper – “Love The Way You Walk Away”

When I saw this title, all I could think of was that Weezy line, “I hate to see her go, but I love to watch her leave.” Unlike that line, this song is a mature slice... Read more »

Loose Ends and Leftovers

Indicated by the sand in between my toes, I haven’t been around the computer a lot lately. I’ve been trying to stay busy frolicking in Florida and keeping my mind off of “life”. Here are some... Read more »

Video! Fleet Foxes + Blitzen Trapper – "Furr" + Original mp3

Last week Blitzen Trapper opened for the Fleet Foxes in Oregon. Fleet Foxes hopped on stage during the performance and added a little harmonizing and percussion to Blitzen Trapper’s most recent hit “Furr”. Prefix called it... Read more »

New! Blitzen Trapper – "Furr" (Video + mp3)

Sometimes (although rarely), music videos make me like the song more. This is one of those cases. It’s not like this video is amazing or anything, but it just seems to fit the feel of the... Read more »