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10 Rappers Redefining Their Hometown Sound

Hip-hop began as a regional phenomenon. From the South Bronx to Compton, rap music came from people describing their immediate surroundings and daily struggle in intense detail. Back in the late '80s and early '90s, a... Read more »

Oh No ft. Blu & MED – “Jones’s”

Today, California rapper/producer Oh No (one half of Gangrene) gives us one of the more anticipated tracks from his upcoming Disrupted Ads album. “Jones’s” features fellow Californians Blu and MED dropping rhymes over Oh No’s cycling,... Read more »

Exile – “Cassette”

Perfect collection for those of you who mess with Exile and want to add some rarities to your collection. Word is this free (!) release features previously-unreleased tracks, jam sessions and demos on here. Like, a... Read more »

Pac Div ft. Blu & Kendrick Lamar – “Cross Trainers”

Pac Div, Blu, and Kendrick Lamar: undeniably some of the best West Coast talent in the game. They come together for “Cross Trainers,” the latest offering from the Div’s upcoming sophomore LP GMB. As expected, the... Read more »

Free Album: Alchemist – “Yacht Rock”

A pleasant surprise to help you navigate the waters Sandy left behind. Alchemist drops off a twelve minute album, Yacht Rock, that continues the cinematic, psychedelically-loop driven production that’s typified his quiet resurgence this year. He... Read more »

Danny Brown Speaks On Danny Johnson Album

The Internets have been going nuts over word of a Danny Johnson album, aka Danny Brown rocking over Johnson&Johnson (aka Blu & Mainframe) production. We even got a track from the project, “Change.” Danny spoke on... Read more »

Blu – “Lemonade”

A cool beverage to accompany a late night (or early morning, depending on where you are and who you are). Blu plucks up a hard hitting beat (replete with scratches from Exile of a classic Guru... Read more »

Danny Brown – “Change”

“Languid” and “mellow” aren’t words typically associated with Danny Brown, whose rise to prominence has been founded in his high energy flow. “Change” (from Danny’s upcoming Danny Johnson album, a collaborative work produced entirely by Johnson... Read more »

ANTHM ft. Blu – “Polaris”

We’ve been hearing from ANTHM (formerly Anthem) for a while, and he’s seemed a little all over the place. One day he’ll be spitting some pop-friendly lines over an indie beat, and the next he’ll be... Read more »

ScienZe & King I Divine ft. Sene, Blu & Britain Parker – “Happiness Is”

Here is the 2nd single off of ScienZe & King I Divine’s upcoming Divine ScienZe project called “Happiness Is”. This record features Sene, Blu & Britain Parker. This project is shaping up to be something dope!... Read more »