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Watch 10-Year Old Tinashe Sing For Bob Dylan

Masked & Anonymous is a movie that came out in 2003, starring (and co-written by) Bob Dylan, who played a rock legend returning to the stage for one final concert. If you look far down the cast... Read more »

Watch Bob Dylan Make Rare Late Night Appearance on Letterman

A legend like David Letterman has to go out with a bang and what better way to say goodbye than to bring out one of the most legendary artists in the history of music for your second to... Read more »

Top Ten Musical Moments With David Letterman

When one thinks about David Letterman and music, the first person to come to mind is Paul Shaffer. The musical director and bandleader, himself a Hollywood veteran, plays the affable yet acerbic foil to Dave's dry... Read more »

Here’s Why an Album By Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones Never Happened

Glyn Johns, who produced and engineered on some of the most critically lauded albums of all time by The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and The Who, among others, reveals some interesting stories in his new book... Read more »

See the Original Locations of These Classic Album Covers in Google Street View

Google Street View is both awesome and weirdly invasive. You can see detailed images of specific locations, immortalizing those places you search for. In a sense, some album covers, like The Beatles’ Abbey Road, have been... Read more »

The Biggest Album to Album Changes in Music History

"I want the old Kanye West back!" We heard it just last year when Yeezus divided the hip-hop community with its abrasive electronic production and obscene lyrics, and we heard it in 2008 when Kanye abandoned... Read more »

“There’s Nothing More American Than America”: Watch Bob Dylan’s Chrysler Commercial

“Is there anything more American than America?” It sounds like a quote straight out of Ron Burgundy’s mouth but, surprisingly, the question came from none other than American folk artist Bob Dylan, who starred in a... Read more »

Listen to Phosphorescent Cover Bob Dylan’s “Tomorrow is a Long Time”

We’re a little late on this one, but Phosphorescent‘s contribution to Starbucks’ Sweetheart compilation is too good to miss. Covering Bob Dylan‘s already excellent “Tomorrow is a Long Time,” Matthew Houck and co’s rendition of Dylan’s... Read more »

Watch Danny Brown in Bob Dylan’s Interactive Video For “Like A Rolling Stone”

Never have you experienced Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” like you’re about to. In an effort to breathe new life, if you will, into the classic song, the new interactive video allows viewers to flip... Read more »

They Say It’s Your Birthday: 20 Reasons to Love Bob Dylan

Today is Bob Dylan's birthday. Bob Dylan—a man, a legend, an enigma, or so the mantra goes. He's 72 years old today, and though there is some dispute about his actual birthday (see #20) today is... Read more »