Bob Marley

“The Most Important Song in My Life”

Everyone has one. That one song that immediately makes you feel that type of way, bringing back memories of a summer love or the anxiety... Read more »

Bob Marley’s Estate is Opening Up the Vault

The mass of unreleased Bob Marley material is unfathomable. There’s a world of concert footage, B-sides, and photographs known only to the Marley estate. They... Read more »

J. Cole Says He Understands 2Pac and Bob Marley More Every Year

J. Cole, who says his new album has allowed him to break free from the stress he felt while crafting previous works, recently spoke with... Read more »

The Official Bob Marley Marijuana Brand is on the Way

The discussion around the legalization of marijuana has been a hot topic in the U.S. for the past years, but Bob Marley was singing and speaking out... Read more »

420 Wisdom: Weed Quotes From Your Favorite Musicians

In August of 1964, Bob Dylan reportedly introduced The Beatles to marijuana. Before the decade ended, The Beatles would go on to make Help!, Rubber... Read more »

Soundcloud Surfing: An Ode to Women

It's International Women's Day today. A day to celebrate women, a source of constant inspiration for so much great music that is made. Whether talking... Read more »

Mayor Rob Ford Proclaims Today “Bob Marley Day” in Toronto

Have you ever seen Rob Ford dance? It’s beautiful. He’s got his hips moving, his arms flailing, he’s even got a little bounce going. Honestly,... Read more »

Songs You Probably Loved if You Were a High School Stoner in the ’90s

If you were in high school (more like HIGH school, am I right?) during the '90s and also happened to be a major stoner, these... Read more »

Here’s What Kurt Cobain, Elvis, and Other Dead Rock Stars Might Look Like if They Were Alive Today

Well, this is strangely unsettling. Everyone, at one point or another, has been curious about what dead rock stars would look like if they were... Read more »

Listen to My Morning Jacket’s Jim James’ Remix of Bob Marley’s “Waiting In Vain”

Say whaaat? My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James has remixed Bob Marley’s “Waiting In Vain” for a forthcoming compilation entitled Legend Remixed, curated by Ziggy and Stephen... Read more »

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