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20 Sad Songs: A Pigeons & Planes Playlist

Let the tears flow.... Read more »

Video: Conor Oberst – “Zigzagging Toward the Light”

Conor Oberst has shared his new video for “Zigzagging Toward the Light,” his latest single off his new album Upside Down Mountain. The black and... Read more »

Watch Conor Oberst Perform “Zigzagging Toward the Light” On The Tonight Show

Conor Oberst’s new solo album, Upside Down Mountain, is out today and in support of the record, Oberst made an appearance last night on “The... Read more »

Conor Oberst – “Governor’s Ball”

As Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst gears up for the release of his forthcoming album, Upside Down Mountain, he shares another new track from the project... Read more »

Conor Oberst – “Hundreds Of Ways”

I used to listen to Conor Oberst much more than I do now. From age 15 to maybe 17, back when I thought Oberst to... Read more »

20 Indie Classics by Artists Under 20

Rock and Roll has always been music for and of youth culture, but it's not very often that it's made by the same kids that... Read more »

The 15 Best Indie Waltzes

A waltz is "dance music in triple meter, written in time signature 3/4-beat. Waltzes typically have one chord per measure, and the accompaniment style particularly... Read more »

The 20 Best Bright Eyes Songs

Conor Oberst stormed onto the emo scene right at the turn of the century when he released Fevers and Mirrors with his band Bright Eyes,... Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day: Music To Cry To

It's Valentine's Day, and you're walking back to your appartment, alone. You walk past couple after fucking couple, holding hands, sitting on park benches, kissing... Read more »

Mac Miller – “First Day Of My Life” (Bright Eyes Cover)

Just had to, you know, let you know that this existed. This happened. There’s this. Listen to Mac’s cover, then the original below it for... Read more »

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