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Rick Ross Disses Bruce Springsteen While Teaching You How To Lose Weight

Rick Ross has been losing weight all year and many have wondered how the MMG boss has managed to lose so many pounds. Well, Rozay has now created a video with some of the secrets behind his... Read more »

See The Bigger Picture Behind Famous Album Covers

Although the increase in streaming and move towards digital instead of physical music sales has taken the focus away from album covers somewhat, it remains impossible to talk about some albums without their classic covers immediately coming... Read more »

They Talked About Yeezus: Musicians, Celebrities, and Critics on Kanye West

Kanye West is a truly polarizing figure. Whether it's because of his music, his thoughts on fashion, politics, and life, or his propensity for award show interruptions, it seems that most people either love him or... Read more »

Watch Bruce Springsteen Cover Lorde’s “Royals”

When in New Zealand, do as the Kiwis do. That’s Bruce’s motto. During his stop in Auckland, Bruce Springsteen opened up the show with his very own cover of hometown hero Lorde’s “Royals,” including awkward lyric... Read more »

30 Cover Songs That Are Better Than The Original

Why would an artist ever choose to cover a song? I mean, seriously. Nine times out of ten, their efforts are met with something between "Not bad... but nothing compared to the original" and "This has... Read more »

Divine Fits Cover Bruce Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart”

When Spoon and Wolf Parade melded their indie rock super powers to form Divine Fits at the beginning of last year, the music world rejoiced in the blessing it had received. But take the immense talent... Read more »

32 People Who Were Confused, Offended, and Impressed by Bruce Springsteen’s Bulge

Sorry, we understand that the 12-12-12 concert is for a good cause and there are important issues to deal with, but once we saw people talking about this, it was too hard to ignore. Pause. Watch the... Read more »

Kanye West, Paul McCartney And More To Headline Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert

The entertainment industry is relatively well known for stepping up to aid those affected by pivotal tragedies. And their involvement in helping victims of Hurricane Sandy is proving to be no different. On December 12th, Madison... Read more »

9 Songs Flo-Rida Ruined

Flo-Rida’s “Low” just turned five years old. Since those days of Applebottom jeans and boots with the fur, Tramar Dillard has invaded our ears with his many (many, many) #1 hits driven by catchy hooks and... Read more »

Video: Arcade Fire & Tom Morello Join Bruce Springsteen At SXSW

After over two hours of Bruce and his boys at SXSW, the set closed with this: a cover of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land” with special guests Arcade Fire, Tom Morello, the Low Anthem,... Read more »