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Smoke DZA ft. Cam’ron – “Ghost of Dipset”

With his third studio album Dream.ZONE.Achieve on the way, Harlem rapper Smoke DZA has just released “Ghost of Dipset,” a track made in collaboration with Cam’ron. The two NYC natives take their time over a slow,... Read more »

What’s Going on at SXSW Today (Saturday, March 15)

SXSW is a behemoth of a festival, so don’t worry, it’s normal to feel a bit lost. To help you navigate through one of the world’s largest music and film festivals, we’ve sifted through today’s SXSW... Read more »

Cam’ron and A-Trak’s are Action Film Stars in Complex’s Latest Digital Cover

Complex continues to come through with some impressive digital covers, but this latest one, featuring Cam’ron and A-Trak, may be their most hilarious one yet. The two will soon be releasing their collaborative EP titled Federal... Read more »

Cam’ron Planning to Launch His Own Line of Capes: #HateNowCapeLater

Despite not actually being a super hero, Cam’ron really seems to love capes right now. In fact, he’s so infatuated with his new favourite accessory that he’s collaborating with fashion designer Mark McNairy to create his... Read more »

Cam’ron & A-Trak – “Humphrey”

Just the news of A-Trak and Cam’ron’s new EP Federal Reserve, which Dame Dash is executive producing and Jim Jones and Juelz Santana will feature on (Dipset!), had us extremely excited. Today, we get out first taste... Read more »

Cam’ron and A-Trak Are Making an EP Together

It’s true. Cam’ron and A-Trak are linking up for an EP called Federal Reserve, executive produced by Dame Dash. Exciting as A-Trak and Cam together: Dipset is reuniting on the project. The news comes from Complex,... Read more »

Feeling Horny? The Best Uses of Horns in Hip-Hop

If Sriracha had an instrumental equivalent, it would be the horn (let's lump all horns in together for a second). Add some to a song and they can brighten up the mix, provide some flare, or... Read more »

Watch the Video for Para One’s “Every Little Thing Remix” Featuring Cam’ron (As A Doll)

Parisian producer Para One hooked up with Cam’ron for a remix of “Every Little Thing,” the former’s retro feel pop track with Irfane and Teki Latex, which now has an amusing video to go along with... Read more »

Cam’ron – “Golden Friends”

It’s rare to hear a new track from Cam’ron, and this one called “Golden Friends” is very upbeat and positive—perhaps to celebrate Mother’s Day? Sampling Cynthia Fee’s “Thank You For Being A Friend,” a song best... Read more »

Blue Sky Black Death & S.A.S. ft. Cam’ron and N.O.R.E. – “Valley of Kings”

Never thought you’d hear Cam over Blue Sky Black Death production, did you? Thank you, rap gods. This one’s from BSBD and S.A.S.’ upcoming collaboration, Celestial, and it features dark but somehow still euphoric production that creates an atmospheric... Read more »

Funkmaster Flex & Cam’ron ft. Lil Wayne – “Love to a Diplomat”

Funkmaster Flex’s Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself? mixtape drops tomorrow on his new app. Today Complex brings a taste of what to expect with ”Love to a Diplomat,” which has Wayne and Cam together again for a... Read more »

Video: Nicki Minaj ft. Cam’ron & Rick Ross – “I Am Your Leader”

The fact is that you either adore Nicki Minaj or you find her unbearably annoying. No matter how you feel about her, tthere’s very little denying that she is one entertaining individual. Case in point: her... Read more »

Album: Ski Beatz Presents ‘Blue Tops’ EP (ft. Cam’Ron, Vado & McKenzie Eddy)

Harlem duo Cam’ron and Vado teamed up with producer Ski Beatz for this free five-cut EP that released today. It basically came out of nowhere, but you won’t hear us complaining. Female vocalist and BluRoc label-mate... Read more »

Mac Miller Ft. Cam’ron – “Dig That”

This is an odd pairing, and one I certainly did not see coming. Dipset’s Cam’ron links with Mac Miller, the reigning indie rap champ if you go by the numbers, over Rostrum heavy-hitter Big Jerm’s production.... Read more »

Cam’ron & Vado – Hey Muma

Fuck censored versions, right right? Here’s “Hey Muma” in all it’s glory. Cam and Vado will be blessing us with Gunz N Butta in April. At the risk of sounding ignorant, what’s a muma? I assume... Read more »