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Why the Timing is Right For a Charles Hamilton Comeback

It almost never pays to be first. Anyone who’s been a true pioneer or innovator usually gets their respect—sometimes years after making their mark—but it's almost always those who follow in their footsteps that truly reaps... Read more »

Watch Charles Hamilton Debut New Single “New York Raining” in Los Angeles Last Night

Yesterday, we got the news that Charles Hamilton has signed a new deal with Republic Records and is planning his comeback. He’s readying a release for later this year, and his single “New York Raining” features... Read more »

Charles Hamilton Signs New Deal With Republic Records

“Charles Hamilton is officially back,” reads a press release that Republic Records sent out today. In the past years, Charles Hamilton has flirted with a comeback, but it’s never felt entirely real. Scattered releases confirmed that he... Read more »

Here Are Two New Charles Hamilton Albums

UPDATE: This whole thing turned out to be fake. The kid who emailed planned it on a Charles Hamilton thread on the KanyeToThe forum. He posts under the name “fuckblogs.” A response on Charles’ blog reads: My... Read more »

Charles Hamilton: “I believe Drake is an alien”

At one point, if you believe in the powers of the internet, it seemed like Charles Hamilton could be the next big thing in hip-hop. He was dominating the blogs, hanging out with Kanye, spitting freestyles... Read more »

The 10 Best Videos of Rappers Getting Punched During Battles

With the resurgence of rap battles going down (thank you, Loaded Lux), we were reflecting on what happens when a rapper is spitting some lines that hit close to home and might drive someone to do... Read more »

On Charles Hamilton and the Importance of Brand Building

In 2008, Interscope launched The Hamiltonization Process, a flooding of the hip-hop blogosphere in support of newly signed would-be phenom, Charles Hamilton. A well-coordinated crush of mixtapes supported by a variety of e-taste makers — 2Dopeboyz,... Read more »

Video: Charles Hamilton Explains His J. Cole Diss

Charles Hamilton caught a lot of people off guard when he came out of nowhere with a J. Cole diss song. Before you get all worked up, give him a chance to break it down. Don’t... Read more »

Mixtape: Charles Hamilton – “Ill Doesn’t Meen Classic”

Following the release of “I Don’t Care” a few days back, Charles Hamilton drops off his latest mixtape Ill Doesn’t Meen Classic. Hopefully this marks the beginning of a new chapter in the life of Mr.... Read more »

Charles Hamilton – “I Don’t Care”

Charles Hamilton. As one of Hip-Hop’s more troubled and troubling personalities in recent memory, the 24-year-old emcee (isn’t that shocking? doesn’t it feel like he’s been around forever?) Hamilton has long represented a tremendous talent whose... Read more »

Download Two New Charles Hamilton Mixtapes

Charles Hamilton has been back in the stratosphere for a little while now, but his return has seemed a little anticlimactic after his popularity circa-2009 and the manner in which he completely dropped off the map.... Read more »

Charles Hamilton Drops A J. Cole Diss Song

Charles Hamilton‘s story is a complicated one. After being crowned one of hip-hop’s most promising young rappers along with Wale, B.o.B., and J. Cole, he hit a few bumps in the road. We got a random... Read more »

Mixtape: Charles Hamilton – ‘C.A.T.S. Can’

Am I the only one that’s hoping for a proper Charles Hamilton comeback? It’s sometimes painful rooting for the kid. Just take the song below. The 9th Wonder beat kicks in and you’re about to get into... Read more »

New! Mickey Factz – “Letter To Sonic” (prod Charles Hamilton)

I like this joint. Mickey uses a beat produced by Charles Hamilton in an attempt to reach out to Chuck & inspire him to get back to the music. Mickey runs through him & Charles’ entire... Read more »

New! Charles Hamilton – “Every Body”

Via DWND. Sounds like some old/unreleased shit from Hamilton, back when he was in a happier & more stable place mentally. Thus, the happy ass picture to match it up above. A chick under each arm?... Read more »

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