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15 Free Songs You Should Download Right Now

Every Sunday we collect the best free music we can find and put it all in one place. If you fell behind or just feel like building up your iTunes, we've got you covered. Here are... Read more »

Chromatics – “Cherry”

No one does dark-tinged synth-pop like Chromatics, and “Cherry” is another sleek masterpiece from the band, who have had a busy year, releasing their brilliant album Kill For Love, a recent mixtape and are featuring on the forthcoming Italians... Read more »

Mixtape: Chromatics – “Running From The Sun”

Following their excellent debut album Kill For Love, Chromatics have a released a mixtape, titled Running From The Sun, of unreleased material free for download. The contents of the tape is a little darker than what... Read more »

Video: Chromatics – “Looking For Love”

More sleek and sexy electronic business from Chromatics, who’s Kill For Love album, is still one of this year’s most atmospheric and aesthetically cohesive albums. This video features a 5-minute edit of “Looking For Love,” which will... Read more »

The 50 Best Indie Covers Of Classic Rock Songs

There’s no formula for a great cover. Sometimes it’s about faithfully sticking to the script written by a master and other times it’s all about making the song “your own.” In between those two extremes is... Read more »

Best Songs Of 2012, So Far

Compiling a “best of anything” list is such a subjective effort. It’s human nature to want to compare things, rank and file them, and then argue relentlessly over the findings, defending a position vehemently as you... Read more »

Video: Chromatics – “These Streets Will Never Look The Same”

Some new visuals off Chromatics’ Kill For Love. Yes, the beautiful summer days are finally here, but if you’re still feeling the effects of seasonal depression left over from Winter, get your mope one with this... Read more »

Chromatics Release Drumless Version of “Kill For Love”

Probably the best if-you’re-in-the-mood-for-it album of 2012 so far is Kill For Love, the smolderingly regretful record from Chromatics. The experimental pop album heavily adapted italo-disco and ’80s synth-pop into the band’s own mould, working hedonistic... Read more »

Chromatics – “Kill For Love” & Album Stream

Go on synth-pop! Show us how you can be nuanced but still fun. Show us how you can be telling a tale of murder and addiction but still be 100% danceable. Kill For Love is Oregon... Read more »