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Video! Citizen Cope – "I Couldn't Explain Why"

Citizen Cope’s Rainwater LP is out in stores today. It’s his first album in four years and also the first on his own label, which he formed after bouncing around from label to label over his... Read more »

New! Citizen Cope – "Healing Hands"

Hell yeah, new Citizen Cope! I’m a big fan, but I didn’t even know his upcoming release The Rainwater LP, was so close. It’s set to come out in February, and this is the first I’ve... Read more »

Random Songs From The Decade!

A lot of (loud) internet voices have been putting out “best of the decade” lists. It’s definitely fun to read, but my favorites change every week, and there’s no way I can keep track of what... Read more »

Citizen Cope – Alternate versions of "Let the Drummer Kick", "If There's Love", and "Salvation"

Citizen Cope is one of those artists that, for whatever reason, doesn’t get mentioned as much as he should. He never really got embraced by the indie world, and he always seems to have one foot... Read more »