class actress

Class Actress – “High on Love”

Giorgio Moroder is relentless. Since his re-emergence with Daft Punk in 2013, the disco legend has been slowly but steadily picking up features and production... Read more »

Video: Class Actress – “Need To Know”

“Need To Know” is an electronically driven, melodically sound pop song from Brooklyn’s Class Actress. It’s catchy and upbeat, but there’s something undeniably dark about... Read more »

Blood Orange – “Forget It (Class Actress Remix)”

The stylings of Dev Hynes, who also goes by Blood Orange, was already on point, but the Brooklyn-based synth-pop sweetheart, Class Actress, has decided to... Read more »

Class Actress – Keep You

Man, I am really confused why I didn’t know about Class Actress before today. I guess she just slipped through the cracks on my end,... Read more »