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Class Actress – “High on Love”

Giorgio Moroder is relentless. Since his re-emergence with Daft Punk in 2013, the disco legend has been slowly but steadily picking up features and production credits. With his album out this week, Moroder linked up with... Read more »

Video: Class Actress – “Need To Know”

“Need To Know” is an electronically driven, melodically sound pop song from Brooklyn’s Class Actress. It’s catchy and upbeat, but there’s something undeniably dark about it. There’s also something undeniably ’80s about it. So this clip,... Read more »

Blood Orange – “Forget It (Class Actress Remix)”

The stylings of Dev Hynes, who also goes by Blood Orange, was already on point, but the Brooklyn-based synth-pop sweetheart, Class Actress, has decided to remix Hynes’ “Forget It.” The outcome? A decadent and funky 80s-inspired... Read more »

Class Actress – Keep You

Man, I am really confused why I didn’t know about Class Actress before today. I guess she just slipped through the cracks on my end, but this is such my style of jam I’m legitimately surprised... Read more »