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Video: Pusha T and No Malice Discuss Their Careers on CNN Tonight

Earlier this evening, CNN aired a segment that shares the story behind Virginia’s legendary duo, Clipse. Focusing on how it all began, Pusha T and No Malice reminisce on how they eventually led separate paths—Pusha continued... Read more »

10 Rappers and Their Movie Director Equivalents

There are obvious similarities between directing movies and writing raps—storytelling, character development, powerful imagery—but the conversations sparked by hip-hop heads sound very different than the conversations between film critics. When you really look into it, though,... Read more »

Pusha T Confirms New Neptunes-Produced Clipse Album

Toward the end of December in a live sit-down interview with Miss Info, Pusha T announced that beginning January 2 he would enter a Miami studio for 20 days with Pharrell and Chad Hugo of producing... Read more »

Video: Pusha T ft. Future – “Pain”

My Name Is My Name brought Pusha T  back into rap’s spotlight. His post-Clipse absence feels like a soul-searching drive across the country now that we’ve heard the comeback album, a hiatus that helped give today’s... Read more »

No Malice ft. Pusha T — “Shame The Devil”

We got good news for you this hump day. Four years into a hiatus that followed one of the most critically acclaimed decades of material ever seen in hip-hop, Clipse architects/brothers No Malice and Pusha T... Read more »

Clipse to Release New Album in 2013, According to Pusha T

It’s been two years since we’ve heard anything from the Virginia-based duo comprised of Malice and Pusha T, known together as Clipse. But let us not lose all hope: according to Pusha, fans can expect a... Read more »

The Delorean: Clipse – “Grindin'”

Artist: Clipse Album: Lord Willin’ Release Date: August 20, 2002 What Was Happening: Sharp drops in the stock market, people getting nervous while oil prices neared $30 a barrel (current: $82.77), floods in Europe, and the... Read more »

Video! Travis Barker Ft. The Clipse – “Come N Get It”

Here is the official video for Travis Barkers “Come N Get It” featuring The Clipse off of his latest *Let The Drummer Get Wicked* Mixtape. Travis Barkers’ album, which is titled *Give The Drummer Some*, is... Read more »

Pusha-T – My God

A couple of days ago we had the tagged, now we get this glorious untagged version of “My God”, the first taste of Pusha-T‘s Fear of God. Courtesy of Thoughts? In other news, the second... Read more »

Three Mash Ups!

It started with this Rusko vs. M.O.P. mash up from Falside, then someone in the Shoutbox recommended The Hood Internet‘s latest mash up featuring Lil B and Gold Panda. While there, I found last week’s mash... Read more »