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Video: Pusha T and No Malice Discuss Their Careers on CNN Tonight

Earlier this evening, CNN aired a segment that shares the story behind Virginia’s legendary duo, Clipse. Focusing on how it all began, Pusha T and No Malice reminisce on how they eventually led separate paths—Pusha continued... Read more »

10 Rappers and Their Movie Director Equivalents

There are obvious similarities between directing movies and writing raps—storytelling, character development, powerful imagery—but the conversations sparked by hip-hop heads sound very different than the conversations between film critics. When you really look into it, though,... Read more »

Pusha T Confirms New Neptunes-Produced Clipse Album

Toward the end of December in a live sit-down interview with Miss Info, Pusha T announced that beginning January 2 he would enter a Miami studio for 20 days with Pharrell and Chad Hugo of producing... Read more »

Video: Pusha T ft. Future – “Pain”

My Name Is My Name brought Pusha T  back into rap’s spotlight. His post-Clipse absence feels like a soul-searching drive across the country now that we’ve heard the comeback album, a hiatus that helped give today’s... Read more »

No Malice ft. Pusha T — “Shame The Devil”

We got good news for you this hump day. Four years into a hiatus that followed one of the most critically acclaimed decades of material ever seen in hip-hop, Clipse architects/brothers No Malice and Pusha T... Read more »

Clipse to Release New Album in 2013, According to Pusha T

It’s been two years since we’ve heard anything from the Virginia-based duo comprised of Malice and Pusha T, known together as Clipse. But let us not lose all hope: according to Pusha, fans can expect a... Read more »

The Delorean: Clipse – “Grindin'”

Artist: Clipse Album: Lord Willin’ Release Date: August 20, 2002 What Was Happening: Sharp drops in the stock market, people getting nervous while oil prices neared $30 a barrel (current: $82.77), floods in Europe, and the... Read more »

Video! Travis Barker Ft. The Clipse – “Come N Get It”

Here is the official video for Travis Barkers “Come N Get It” featuring The Clipse off of his latest *Let The Drummer Get Wicked* Mixtape. Travis Barkers’ album, which is titled *Give The Drummer Some*, is... Read more »

Pusha-T – My God

A couple of days ago we had the tagged, now we get this glorious untagged version of “My God”, the first taste of Pusha-T‘s Fear of God. Courtesy of Thoughts? In other news, the second... Read more »

Three Mash Ups!

It started with this Rusko vs. M.O.P. mash up from Falside, then someone in the Shoutbox recommended The Hood Internet‘s latest mash up featuring Lil B and Gold Panda. While there, I found last week’s mash... Read more »

Video! Clipse – "Freedom"

This is the intro track off of their latest LP *Til The Casket Drops* & probably my favorite song on the entire album. The production is crazy & they definitely deliver as usual. If you have... Read more »

Video! Clipse on ABC World News

It’s about time Clipse gets recognized by ABC World News!! While watching this I was half expecting to see SIKE! at the end, but no, ABC World News is actually praising the brothers Thornton. Nice. Props... Read more »

Vinnie Paz – "Street Wars" ft. Clipse

Oh shit! Here is the new Vinne Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks) track featuring Clipse from his solo album Assassin’s Creed. Vinnie Paz is a fucking flesh eating animal and I can’t imagine too many mainstream rappers... Read more »

Clipse x Cam'Ron x Rick Ross Perform On The Woodies

Clipse – New Music – More Music Videos Here’s video of the brothers Thornton performing “Popular Demand” with Killa Cam and then “I’m Good” with Officer Ricky. I thought the Woodies were gonna be a little... Read more »

New! Clipse – "Showin' Out" ft Yo Gotti (Prod. Neptunes)

Here’s a track from Clipse’s upcoming Til The Casket Drops, out December 8th. Clipse always cooks up that metaphor heavy coke rap out of VA, and this album carries on the tradition. Eghck! Thanks to Rogo.... Read more »